The Lady in Vanilla White – Belgium’s iconic Dame Blanche

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5 Responses

  1. Jamie says:

    5 stars
    I was definitely tired and distracted when I read this recipe but please please please don’t say 300ml water unless it goes into the actual recipe. Or say something like “300ml boiling water (for the Bain Marie)” because you guessed it, I added it to my chocolate mix and ruined it completely lol. Otherwise lovely recipe though the second batch was delicious 🙂

    • Anders says:

      Dear Jamie,

      I think most of us can relate to reading a recipe when distracted or tired and messing something up so all my sympathies!
      Great, though, that your second batch turned out to be delicious! 😀

      PS. The water is supposed to be part of the coffee that actually does go into the chocolate sauce.

  2. Raphaelle says:

    This is not a Dame Blanche, this is an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce. Don’t make a Dairy Queen sundae and call it something it’s not.

    • Anders says:

      While similar (or near-identitical) to an American sundae, this still very much remains a Belgian Dame Blanche 😉

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