Chocolate-Raspberry ice cream

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  1. sarah says:

    hi again! great recipe.
    i wonder, when do u decide to use a whole egg instead of egg yolk, or even no egg at all?
    if the chocolate im using is 70%-55% can i not use egg yolks? thank in ad.

    • Anders says:

      Hi Sarah!
      Thanks for your nice comment, and for your interesting question about eggs and egg yolks.
      The use of eggs – or not – in ice creams is partly a matter of base-choice and the need to ensure a good overall ice cream consistency and texture (as in the great egg-based Italian and French traditions). But it can partly also be a matter of taste and mouthfeel. For custard-based ice creams, particularly those that contain a lot of liquid and little solids, the eggs are often absolutely necessary to ensure that the ice cream will hold together.
      But in other recipes, where the other ingredients make the eggs less necessary, the addition of an egg can still provide some pleasant extra richness in taste, density and mouthfeel. So – consistency and/or taste! Which means that most recipes which only propose to add one egg likely will work reasonably well even without that egg – but the ice cream is bound to taste less rich, and lose out on the ‘custard-touch’ that the egg can provide. On the matter of taste, I should add that this does not necessarily mean that adding eggs always is something to strive for – much as eggs can enhance some flavours, they can also overwhelm others, making them taste more “dull”, and/or the ice cream feel too heavy or dense.

      PS. Why do most ice cream recipes use (only) egg yolks? The main reason is probably that basically all the nice fat – so important for ice creams – is located in the egg yolk, together with a lot of protein and emulsifiers that help to bind otherwise free-flowing liquid and ensure a nice overall consistency. Egg whites also have some binding properties (just ask any artist about egg tempera paintings) but since they also add more water, many ice cream makers do not consider the trade-off worth it. But again – in the recipes on this site where I dare to suggest using a (whole) egg, the other ingredients are expected to be able to cope anyway 🙂 .

  2. sarah says:

    Many thanks for a detailed and serious answer.
    good recipes, important and interesting information and accurate answers to users questions?
    you’re wonderful! Thank you.

  3. Lili de Grandpré says:

    Five stars, one of the best recipes. We do it with frozen raspberries, omit the vanilla and use 90% Lindt chocolate. Fantastic, many thanks. Lili and David

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