Lemon Curd Yoghurt ice cream

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  1. Charles says:

    Please, please would you give alternative measures. In my country (UK) only liquids are measured in volume (ml) e.g milk, cream. Anything else is by weight (g ) e.g yoghurt, lemon curd, butter.
    Trying to measure lemon curd or butter in a measuring jug just makes a mess ?

    • Anders says:

      In this case, the differences between volume-quantites and weight are not that big.
      For the lemon curd, you could count with about 300 gram (most of the content of the jar I was using, incidentally), for the yoghurt about 480 gram or so (and indeed, don’t go overboard with the fat content of the yoghurt 🙂 ).

  2. Sheena says:

    I made my own Greek-style yogurt from raw milk from a our friendly local dairy cow, made my lemon curd, only had 50 grams of cream cheese in my fridge, which I mixed in with the still-warm lemon curd, then threw everything in the ice cream maker. I have to thank you. This is my favorite sweet treat I’ve ever had–not just the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever had–but truly the best dessert I’ve ever eaten. I may or may not add more cream cheese the next time I make it since I was so completely thrilled with the results without the additional calories.

    • Anders says:

      Dear Sheena,
      You’re welcome – so happy to hear that you liked it. A little cream cheese can really make such a difference! 🙂

  3. Daniele Chandler says:

    A friend made this for us, just delicious!!

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