Welcome, dear ice cream lover!

My name is Anders, and I am just a guy with a passionate interest for ice cream.

Passionate about ice cream

I grew up in Sweden, a (seasonally, at least)  ice-cold country with one of the world’s highest per capita-consumption of ice cream. Like many others, I have a life-long experience of enjoying ice cream. The enjoyment sparkled my curiosity. I wanted to learn how to make ice cream, and the more I learned, the more fascinated I became.

Studying ice cream turned out to be vastly more exciting that just collecting some good recipes. This frozen dessert actually opens up a number of  intriguing fields, from pretty advanced food chemistry and ancient history, to modern day manufacturing and the many varied ways in which human beings have been making, and are making ice cream.

If you share this fascination or if you simply are curious about some of the many interesting aspects of ice cream, this site might be for you. Come on in, learn how to make your own ice cream, and get to know more about a dessert with a history almost as old as mankind’s own.

Send me an e-mail: Anders@icecreamnation.org