Why you should make ice cream!

It is great to make your own ice cream!

And it is actually not as difficult as one perhaps could expect, and the results often put commercial ice cream to shame.

You will be able to

  • create ice cream you’ll never find in shops!
  •  re-create favourite flavours you have come across in life!
  • dazzle yourself, friends, lovers and relatives with frozen delights of all kinds!
  • You will also be able to control exactly what goes into your ice cream – play around with sugar content, omit food stuff you want to avoid and revel in those you crave for!


While there are many different ways of preparing ice cream, we will aim to cover at least the most common ones here.


You don’t need any special ice cream machine – your freezer will do fine!

It is perfectly possible to make your own ice cream without a special ice cream machine, as long as you have the possibility to freeze  – after all, this is what mankind did before ice cream makers were invented. That said, your final ice cream will generally turn out to be smoother, having less and smaller ice crystals, and a finer texture if an ice cream machine is used.  Also, you won’t have to run to the freezer every now and then to churn  your ice cream-in-waiting by hand.

If not stated otherwise, most recipes on this site will assume that you have access to an ice cream machine of some sort.  But if you do not have one, and the recipe does not contain specific no-ice cream machine-instructions, just follow this link to the pages dealing with the “freezer-only” way to make ice cream!


No time or resources to make “real” home-made ice cream?

Turn here for some quick and fast “fixes” that at least will get you closer to the “real deal”.


Allergies, other dietary restrictions and ice cream?

One very good reason for making your own ice cream is that you will know exactly what goes into it – giving the opportunity to exclude or cut down on certain products you would like to avoid. Suddenly, you will be able to enjoy all those things you can eat, in the form of

However, if you for instance would like to replace dairy products with, say, soy milk or the like, the recipes also need to be adjusted in other ways. Learn more here!


Ice cream and your health

Is eating ice cream healthy?  If not – could it be? Or what else could be done? Curious? – Go here!