Banana ice cream (the infused way!)

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  1. Marcus Rann says:

    Anders thanks for this recipe it is sensational, by far the best I’ve ever tasted. I noticed that the volume yield was lower than other recipes and the final deep frozen result was very solid. I’ve put this down to the churn incorporating less air . Is there anything else that could cause this or any additional process I could use to improve this?

    Many thanks, Marcus

    • Anders says:

      Hi Marcus,
      Yes – it is a truly fantastic banana recipe! The yield might perhaps be somewhat lower than some other recipes, but this can of course simply be addressed by making more :-).
      As for the end result, I’m not really sure what might have happened with your batch: it really should not be as deep-frozen and solid as you describe it. There are a number
      of options you could try to improve the “scopability”. Without going over the top and start to alter the basic proportions of cream etcetera, you might consider adding 1-2
      tablespoons of neutral hard liquor (like vodka) to the base just before the churning. Or add 1-2 tablespoons of inverted sugar (such as corn- or glucose syrup). Or replace some of the white sugar with birch sugar (xylitol).
      Best of luck with your coming batches!

  2. Marcus Rann says:

    Anders thank you so much again for your comprehensive reply. I shall thoroughly enjoy experimenting

    I’ve successfully used the infusion method for coffee ice cream, infusing whole coffee beans. I know you’ve had some dodgy experiences with coffee beans but this whole bean – uncrushed – method produces an exceptional flavour. I believe it originates in the Cipriani Hotel in Venice where the recipe is a sworn secret but it’s filtered down ( if you’ll excuse the pun) through English chef Simon Hopkinson.

    • Anders says:

      That’s the right experimental spirit! And thanks for reminding me that coffee beans can be infused whole – gotta try that 🙂 !

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