Polka (stick candy) ice cream

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  1. sarah says:

    5 stars
    hi:) thanks for the great website and recipes.
    wondering what is the golden rule for the use of inverted sugar?
    is there a Percent that u keep when using sugar?
    thanks i.a

    • Anders says:

      Hi Sarah, and thanks for your kind words!
      I would not say that there is a hard and fast “golden rule” for the use of inverted sugar. It depends a bit on both the type of inverted sugar and the recipe, but generally speaking,
      inverted sugars tend to bring their own particular flavours and different kinds of perceived sweetness to the mix: not necessarily a good thing, since many consider that ordinary white sugar (sucrose) provides the “nicest” sweetness. In other words – in most cases, one adds inverted sugar because of its “chemical capacities” to improve the texture and overall finish of the ice creams, not for their flavours or inherent sweetness (By the way, there are other sugars than the inverted ones – such as dextrose/glucose and maltodextrin – which can be used in more advanced ice cream making to bring about what ordinary sucrose cannot).

      But again – there is scope for personal opinion here. Honey is a good example. While some might dislike a pronounced honey flavour in their ice cream, others might welcome it (and if you’re
      aiming for ‘honey ice cream’, this might even be your goal). Personally – and as you can see in most recipes on this site, I seldom replace more than a little of the ordinary white sugar with inverted sugar, and sometimes none at all.

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