Exotically spiced Almond ice cream

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4 Responses

  1. smita joshi says:

    Thanks for your lovely recipes. I am from India. Have tried your icecreams and they are awesome. Just wanted to know why we do not add cream when it is being boiled like the other recipes.

    Please, would like to know.

    Thanks and regards.


    • Anders says:

      Hi Smita,

      Thanks for your kind words!
      First, you could – if you’d like – add the cream to the rest of the dairy already from the start.
      The reason why I chose to do it differently here was partly to show that the variation is possible.
      Main reasons for near-boiling (all) in ice cream bases are to ensure full pasteurisation, to maximise steeping of flavours, and to give the ice cream an overall touch of the “cooked”-quality. But in this recipe, there are no eggs requiring pasteurisation, the flavours are strong enough to stand out anyway, and I thought that the “fresh cream”-quality could be more interesting than the “cooked base”-quality 🙂 Also, since the cream is added cold, the time it takes to cool down the base for the churning is also shortened considerably.

      If you have not yet tried to add the cream fresh to the base like this, I suggest that you give it a try and check if you think it adds anything to the eating-experience 🙂

  2. Georgos says:

    I think this recipe is totally wrong. 330ml sugar is too much and the almonds and the agar too much. The almonds didn’t have any taste in the ice cream. I don’t know but something went wrong.

    • Anders says:


      Sorry to hear that your ice cream worked out so badly. I don’t know what happened because the proportions are correct and work well for me. Admittedly, the recipe use a lot of sugar but that is intentional: those who prefer a less sweet ice cream could of course cut down on the sugar or use another base (this other almond-ice cream recipe could also be used as base). Better luck next time!

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