Fire in the Hole! – Spicy orange gelato

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3 Responses

  1. Katerina says:

    It looks fabulous! How is the feeling in the mouth? Not too buttery/fatty? I have this problem with butter scotch recipes, it makes me feel almost waxy taste in the back of my mouth. But here is small amount used..To my experience – the skimmed milk powder magically works with the smoothiness of the ice cream. Very appealing ice cream, I will certainly try it!

    • Anders says:

      Katerina, the feeling is very smooth and nice (= no waxy butter-coating), but as you already noted, there is not a lot of butter involved here (but I admit that I had some fears while whisking it together;-)

      How much butter do you typically use in your butterscotch?

      Still on the subject of butter – I once read about a (well-reputed) local ice cream company which claimed to have replaced basically all cream with butter … their ice cream was very nice, and I would never have guessed “their secret” if I had not read about it. But using so much butter without a negative mouthfeel would probably require some special technique (or additives …). Furious whisking? Hmmm … If you have some bright ideas, let me know:-)

      • franciss abi aad says:

        They used palm oil also fat – it is important to use skim milk powder to mix between fat and water.

        with regards, Franciss Abi Aad – ice cream chef

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