Coffee Rhum and Walnut ice cream

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2 Responses

  1. Natalie says:

    Made this with Myers’s Original dark rum, a Jamaican rum. Since this rum has molasses added back to it, I decided to just use regular white sugar. Made it with a cup of espresso since I didn’t have instant coffee. The ice cream looks icy but it tastes quite opposite to icy. It was really soft and light and I like the fact that it had less sugar than regular ice cream and the amount of cream was acceptable. Easy to make and full of flavor and bite!

    • Anders says:

      Natalie, glad to hear you liked it! And you are right – despite a perhaps somewhat “icy look”, this ice cream for grown-ups turns out to be a quite pleasant surprise (I also like it for mainly the same reasons you have listed in your comment 😉 )

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