Saffron Raisin ice cream (Scandinavian Christmas style)

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  1. Ivar says:

    Anders, I wonder if there is a historical link between …the middle age “normanni” (normans) who happened to conquer and reign in sicily for quite a while starting in 1061 …and the scandinavian saffron-raisin buns you mentioned. Perhaps the northemen in quesion brought back to Scandinavia and northern France some local recipes or at least some ideas. Old recipes involving raisins and pine nuts were common amongst ancient people of the mediterranean basin, especially with the phoenicians. You probably know that the national pasta dish in Sicily is the “pasta con le sarde” which is based on raisins, saffron, wild fennel, fresh sardines, pasta and pine nuts .
    How about an ice cream based on -mjöd- , my friend ?

    • Anders says:

      Ivar, Those are fascinating thoughts. I honestly don’t know if the Italo-Normans (who indeed ruled Sicily once) can be linked to the later popularity of saffron-raisin buns in Scandinavia but it is certainly interesting food for thought!

      Funny that you should mention mead (mjöd) ice cream! I have actually been dabbling with such a recipe. Sadly, my first attempt turned out to be … not very tasty. Once I come up with a good one,however, I promise to put it up!

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