Glace Plombières – A French classic

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  1. Henk van der Have says:

    As we are on vacation in France we are close to “Plombières” Passing this place a few times this week, I came to say to my wife in my opinion Plombières is also an icecream
    (I think I read it a long time ago in a book may be G de Maupassant :-)) . Looked at the internet found your site where you informed us with lots of well-thought information about Plombières.
    However as a nozy Dutchman and certainly not that well informed as you are, I have additional information!
    As the recepy contains KIRSCH, please note, Plombières is in the centre of the region famous for KIRSCH so I think it is named to the city as you also sidely mention. Kind regards Henk van der Have from the Netherlands

    • Anders says:

      Dear Henk,

      That’s correct – The region is famous for its Kirsch (with the commune Fougerolles considered to be the French ‘Capital of Kirsch’), so it was probably no mere coincidence that this particular liquor came to be part of the recipe. Thanks for posting and hope you’re enjoying the region (and possibly even the ice cream 😉 ).

  2. Read says:

    Boiling milk alters the protein structure, allowing it to hold on to water better, which leaves less water available to form ice crystals.

    • Anders says:

      Interesting! I have also read somewhere that boiling milk makes it easier for humans to digest (by breaking down the proteins into easier-to-digest amino acids).

  3. Bon Marche says:

    Hi there! We feature this lovely recipe on our Instagram if you’d like to check it out:

    We gave it a try and thought it turned out great! Perfect for the summer solstice.

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