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Indian Kulfi ice cream

27/07/2014 at 00:09

Have you ever tried kulfi? This Indian specialty is a splendid reminder that there are other delicious schools of ice cream-making outside the Western world’s well-known ones. And best of all – you won’t even need an ice cream machine to make these great-tasting beauties! While Italy often is credited with being the birthplace of ice cream as we know it today, the seeds to this important invention (if not even more than so) were brought there from the Orient. But let’s not get lost in endless speculations about whether Marco Polo really did bring the techniques with him from China, or  to what […]

Sorbet Cardinale (raspberry-blackcurrant sorbet)

09/07/2014 at 15:32
Freshly churned Sorbet Cardinale - a great combination of raspberry and blackcurrant

Sorbet Cardinale, a delicate flavour composed of raspberries and blackcurrants, seems to be quite rare these days. This is hard to understand, since it is a very pleasing flavour.  And luckily, one does not have to be a Catholic Eminence to enjoy this delicate, very berry sorbet! As a little extra, this post will also look into the use of gelatin as a stabiliser in sorbets [that part is optional, however, so hardcore vegetarians can safely continue to read ].   After the Pope, cardinals are the highest ranking officials in the Roman Catholic church. I have not been able to find much history about Sorbet […]

Loving Liquorice ice cream

20/06/2014 at 13:52

Some people just love liquorice. Me? No, not really. But since I love someone who does love it, finding a superior recipe for liquorice ice cream quickly turned into quite a personal quest. It seems that liquorice as a flavour is a love-or-hate affaire, capable of dividing both people and nations. But this seductive ice cream is not only certain to please the fans but may actually even convert some of us sceptics. “Sceptics”? Yes, that is true – as noted, I am no particular fan of liquorice myself. Perhaps it was all those childhood coughing syrups flavoured with the stuff which I had to endure, who knows? […]

Quark Cherry ice popsicles

23/05/2014 at 00:08

Always on the lookout for (reasonably) healthy ways to make ice popsicles, the time has come to test Quark! Never heard about quark? I have been told that it is called Farmer’s cheese in the US, and unless you are familiar with the sour milk-loving food traditions of Germany, or the more Eastern parts of Europe, you may not have come across it. But quark – a tangy, low-fat distant cousin to cottage cheese – is well worth getting to know better! Quark is a particular type of soft cheese based on sour milk. The cheese itself could perhaps best be described as a kind of […]

Strawberry Balsamico ice cream

12/05/2014 at 08:58
Strawberry Balsamico, here served with some extra balsamic vinegar

No summer is truly complete without a good strawberry ice cream! And this is one of the tastier (and easy to make) strawberry ice creams that I have tested – and this regardless of what you normally think about balsamic vinegar!   Philadelphia (or American) style: a perfect choice for fresh fruit-ice creams Italian and French style custard-based ice creams may well appear to be more ‘prestigious’, but when it comes to harbouring and complementing fresh fruit, the American (or Philadelphia) style of ice cream-making really shines. And Strawberry ice cream is a splendid example: lucky for us, since this also makes it very […]

Chocolate frozen yoghurt

10/04/2014 at 10:26

Ever tried to combine tangy yoghurt with chocolate and then freeze it? While this sensation might not be for everyone, I am quite fond of it myself. Read on! More intriguing than ordinary chocolate ice cream As you may know, frozen yoghurts may not always contain very much actual yoghurt. But today’s recipe certainly does! All this yoghurt gives a special touch to the chocolate flavour – I hesitate to say “tangy” but it is certainly derived from there. Myself, I find this quite intriguing and way less ‘plain and mundane’ than many ‘normal’ chocolate ice creams can be. My children agree with […]

‘Old school’ Raspberry sorbet (prepared with Italian meringue)

01/04/2014 at 09:25
Old school raspberry sorbet (with Italian meringue)

Raspberry sorbet - even when prepared in the easy, “standard sorbet way” - usually turns out very nicely. But this time, we will go that extra mile and add a further delicious dimension – with the help of classic soft Italian meringue. Read on!  While slightly more laboursome than just whisking together a typical sorbet, you will find that the result really speaks for itself. The soft Italian meringue is not used as an add-in (such as the crisp meringues used in other recipes). Instead, it becomes an integral part of the sorbet, generally improving the consistency and, arguably, the flavour-depth. And unlike the often-seen suggestion to whisk in raw egg whites in […]