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Chocolate frozen yoghurt

10/04/2014 at 10:26

Ever tried to combine tangy yoghurt with chocolate and then freeze it? While this sensation might not be for everyone, I am quite fond of it myself. Read on!

More intriguing than ordinary chocolate ice cream

As you may know, frozen yoghurts may not always contain very much actual yoghurt. But today’s recipe certainly does!

‘Old school’ Raspberry sorbet (prepared with Italian meringue)

01/04/2014 at 09:25
Old school raspberry sorbet (with Italian meringue)

Raspberry sorbet - even when prepared in the easy, “standard sorbet way“ - usually turns out very nicely. But this time, we will go that extra mile and add a further delicious dimension – with the help of classic soft Italian meringue. Read on! 

While slightly more laboursome than just whisking together a …

30 minutes to Blueberry heaven (blueberry frozen yoghurt)

21/03/2014 at 13:29

The blueberry is probably my favourite berry: extra nice these days, when the blue berries are hailed not only as delicious, but also super-healthy. Since I also love frozen yoghurt, you can imagine my happiness when I found an easy way to make great blueberry frozen yoghurt in less than 30 minutes. The secret? Mainly

How to improve frozen yoghurts

13/03/2014 at 15:32
Sir William Orpen-Le Chef de l'Hotel Chatham

From modest market beginnings in the 1970′s, the frozen yoghurt has stepped forward as the fresh and healthy ‘cousin’ to traditional ice cream. And while frozen yoghurt unfortunately tends to be less healthy than often assumed, I love it and the tangy freshness it often provides! 

Still, there is often a big, off-putting divide between

Shirley Temple sorbet

20/02/2014 at 16:43

The late Shirley Temple, arguably one of the biggest film child stars of all times, is also connected to the internationally famous ‘mocktail’ which bears her name. As a tribute to the icon, we will turn this (alcohol-free) cocktail into a playful and refreshing sorbet.


The exact origin of the Shirley Temple mocktail seems a …

Saffron Orange ice cream

10/02/2014 at 09:31

Saffron – the world’s most expensive spice – teams up with orange in this delicate ice cream, which exceeds the sum of its parts!  Some would say that this mix of flavours goes back to the Middle Ages, and the vibrant cultural diversity brought about by the rule of the Moors in the south of

Marzipan ice cream

26/01/2014 at 23:56
Marzipan ice cream

Marzipan! This delightful combination of sugar and almonds is, next to ice cream, probably one of the tastiest sweet things I know. Would it not be practical, then, to combine the two for maximum indulgence? 

As far as I remember, ever since I raided my mother’s kitchen in search of almond paste as a little …