Halva ice cream

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  1. May says:

    Hi Anders,

    Question please…is the cream you use in your recipes single cream, thickened cream or double cream? Can I use any of those creams in making ice-cream?

    Many thanks,

    • Anders says:

      Hi May,

      Unless otherwise indicated, the cream I use is the recipes on this website usually has a fat content of about 35 %. The cream labels are far from standardised in this world but this is roughly equal to what is called “whipping cream” according to US/UK standards, and, I believe, to “single cream” in Australia.

      The main point of using cream (as opposed to making a milk-only ice cream, for example) is basically that it brings fat. And fat adds richness to the overall flavour and mouthfeel of the ice cream, and can also be invaluable for securing a nice, stable consistency. So while you certainly could use any type of cream for ice cream, I would advise against going “below” the (roughly) 35 %-types. If you use a heavier type of cream, on the other hand, the increased fat content will typically only make your ice cream richer and further improve consistency and texture. Still, not everyone likes these “cream-rich” ice creams, so I suggest that you experiment and go with what suits your taste best. Best of luck!

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