How to improve frozen yoghurts

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  1. jeff says:

    Looking to find the breakdown of a fruit base powder i have bought in the past to make strawberry sorbet is about 500grams of whole milk hydrogenated palm oil and on label last is either maltose or sucrose all in powder form if u can tell me what i can use to substitute the palm oil i can find all the other ingredients to make my own base thx

    • Anders says:

      Hi Jeff,

      I’m generally not in favour of using ice cream base powders, but if you feel the urge to experiment you could probably try substituting the palm oil with other hydrogenated oils (like olive oil or coconut oil).

      But – since you’re looking to make sorbet – why not abandon the powder and instead try some of these techniques to improve sorbets? I can particularly recommend adding some Aquafaba or Italian meringue to your bases.

  2. jeff says:

    ok thanks the problem is im manufacturing 3kg. tubs at a time to sell to restaurants so using the other version is longer and costlier i think, the gelato white base is simple too is 900 grams whole milk 100 sugar. 40 corn starch, sucrose and 20 grams milk stabilizer

  3. Jeff says:

    Sherbet Base ingredients powdered whole milk, hydrogenated palm oil,maltose/dextrose syrup these are whats in bag about 500grams any idea of each amount would be? Thanks

    • Anders says:

      Sorry, I’m not into making ice cream from powder bases, and the amounts probably differ from manufacturer to manufacturer anyway. In case you want to explore the more “industrial” aspects of ice cream-making, you could perhaps try to obtain some more information from a manufacturer, or study up on “industrial formulas” in books like “Ice cream” by Goff & Hartel.

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