Saffron Orange ice cream

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6 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh my! I just made this one (no machine but still-freezing as you call it) and it’s so delicious. After making the custard and combining it with the juice already it was difficult to contain myself, I could’ve just eaten the mix right there before even freezing it. But I managed and I’m so happy with the result. What a brilliant recipe!

    And hurray for your great website, I feel confident about all recipes here because you’ve tested them all and obviously know what you’re talking about from great experience. Glad I found this! Greetings from Holland & thanks a lot!

  2. Khaled says:

    Its really really good recipe until I but the egg yolks every time make my ice cream smell eggy : I don’t know how to deal with it???

    • Anders says:

      Dear Khaled,

      Assuming that there is nothing wrong with the eggs, one possible reason for “too eggy” ice creams can be that the custard base have been cooked to a too high temperature – something which tend to accentuate the “egginess” of eggs. You could possibly experiment by only heating your custard to about 78 degrees Celsius (172.4 F), and see if that makes any difference (mind you: this will make the base somewhat less pasteurised though).

      Another possibility is to simply skip the eggs completely and instead go for an egg-free ice cream base: for example, take the base recipe for Sicilian gelato and flavour it with saffron and orange!

  3. James Tracy says:

    Would you please provide measurements for using the Philadelphia-style and please state weather you use fresh orange juice or from concentrate? Thank you.

    • Anders says:

      Hi James,

      You can use either fresh juice, or juice from concentrate: As always, better quality-ingredients make for better final results!

      I have not made up any recipe for a Philadelphia-style version. If you want to try, I suggest that you take the pointers I provide in the post (= use more cream, and possibly whip it too) and seek further inspiration from the page dealing with this base (as well as the other Philadelphia-style recipes you easily can find on the site). Best of luck!

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