Frozen Pinapple on a stick

You may have heard about frozen bananas on a stick, but some find even greater pleasure sucking on a delicious, ice cold piece of pineapple!

Had too much ice cream recently? Not interested in “modern stabilisers” or ice cream heavy on cream? Still longing for a frozen treat? Look no further – a stick of frozen pineapple will give you an ice cream-like experience, without any of the fat or added sugar normally found in most ice creams.


Mmm … yummy!

Avid readers may remember the post on frozen bananas on a stick. While bananas certainly are the most well-known fruits to be enjoyed that way, nothing stops you from putting other types on a stick and freeze them. Today, we will check how well pineapple reacts to the process!


The object is to mount a nicely shaped piece of pineapple on a stick, then freeze it. Not overly difficult, in other words.


Cut the pineapple in suitable, ice-lolly shaped pieces

Peel the pineapple and cut in into suitable pieces.



To preserve the pineapple well during the freezing, wrap it in some foil.


Mount the pieces on sticks and wrap them in tin foil, in order to preserve them well during the freezing.

Put the wrapped sticks in your freezer and wait a few hours.


Frozen and ready to be enjoyed!


Your pineapple sticks should now be ready – mine were very popular with the kids (actually even more than the bananas on a stick). Wholesome and sweet – what’s not to like about such a delicious frozen dessert? Go out and get yourself a pineapple and try for yourself!


Frozen Pinapple on a stick
Can it be simpler? If you are tired of complicated recipes or frozen bananas on a stick - just stick it to a piece of pineapple and enjoy after a few hours in the freezer!
  • Pineapple, cut in pieces (amount according to how many sticks you want to make)
  • Sticks (for mounting the pieces of pineapple)
  1. Peel and cut the pineapple in ice pop-shaped pieces.
  2. Mount the pieces on sticks.
  3. Wrap in foil and put in your freezer.
  4. Once frozen, unwrap and enjoy!


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