How to improve sorbets

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  1. Katerina says:

    Hey Anders,
    and how about the taste of italian meringue in sorbets? I used only whipped eggwhite for spoom, and hate it – it doubled its size, but the flavour of the fruit was heavily masked. Is it better with this kind of meringue?

    • Anders says:

      Dear Katerina!
      I actually intended to cover your question in my – UPDATE! now published – post on Italian meringue (or – UPDATE – in this post dealing with spooms) 😉 . But I would not dream about keeping you waiting, so – in short – I think that the Italian meringue really does a lot of nice things to sorbets! In a rather discreet manner, it seems to enhance and improve a lot of things. I may be partial, but somehow, it felt like it also boosted the flavour – but without actually ‘changing’ the original one. Which is different from spooms, where the ‘base sorbet’ really turns into something different.

      But this is very much a matter of proportions!

      If you add too much whipped egg white or Italian meringue to a sorbet base, you WILL end up with spoom. But if ‘correct’ proportions are used (= approximately about 1 egg white/meringue-equivalent per home-made standard batch), the original flavour/character of the sorbet should basically remain the same (in case you go with Italian meringue rather than just whipped egg whites, the original colours may pale somewhat, however).
      But the flavour should not be masked, and you should certainly not end up with spoom 😉

  2. franciss abi aad says:

    It seems from ur answer and your document – you are a real professional ice cream chef \
    katerina – don’t forget to reduce sugar from sorbet when you add Italian meringue

  3. Bridget says:

    All recipes I see on adding egg whites to a sorbets refer to one standard batch of sorbet. What will standard be? 500 ml, 1000 ml? Fruit to dugar and water ratio?

    • Anders says:

      Adding slightly whipped egg whites to sorbets is not an exact science (at least not in home-settings) 😉 It also depends a bit on what character you’re looking for in your sorbet – if too much egg whites are added, for example, you will end up with spoom: this may be to your liking … or not.

      Therefore, the suggestion to add 1 egg white to a batch should best be understood as a rule of thumb.

      In most cream machines for home-use (with, say, a liquid capacity of up to 1 litre), adding at least one egg white to what usually goes into machine will typically give you a “reasonably” good effect. It goes without saying that the measurements need to be updated if your machine has a much larger capacity.

    • Matt says:

      A standard batch is typically 1 pint or 500ml. I would say 1 egg white per batch. Whip it extremely stiff and add a tablespoon of powdered sugar. This guy says to add the whipped egg whites after the mixture has mostly churned in your ice cream maker. Don’t do this. Add the whipped egg whites to the sorbet base before adding it to your machine. This will give you the consistency you most likely want and it will end up being light and airy and remain that way for about a week in your freezer (you’ll probably eat it all before then)

  4. Gabriel Warwick says:

    ” In fact, there is really no reason why this splendid alternative to Italian meringue should be used by anyone wishing to improve his or her sorbet!”
    This is not what you meant to say, correct? You meant that “there is NO reason why … shouldN’T be used by anyone…” ?

  5. Francisca Rigaud says:

    Hi, I have just made a gin and tonic sorbet but added the egg white (not whipped, as the recipe did not state that), right at the beginning. It did not freeze, can it be because I added the egg white at the beginning and not at the end? But it should not make a difference… it is from a great cookbook. Please help…..

    • Anders says:

      Hi Francisca,
      With due respect for your cookbook, you may actually find that beating the egg white and adding it towards the end of the churning can improve your results 😉 .
      But if your sorbet does not freeze, I would guess that your primary problem might stem from too much alcohol (and/or possibly too much sugar): take a look at my (old but reliable) Gin and Tonic sorbet recipe and compare your proportions. Best of luck!

  6. Li Zeng Wei says:

    Can i use meringue powder or egg withe powder or anther other protein powder such as whey protein or vegan protein to instead whipped egg white or Italian meringue ? or can i use corn starch or other suitable starch just like Sicilian gelato-style ice cream’s method to make sorbet ?

    • Anders says:

      Hi! I guess you could try but I’m not sure how well that would work out. If you want a non-egg improver for sorbets, I would suggest trying aquafaba!

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