Cherry Orchard frozen Kefir

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  1. Katerina says:

    Interesting. I never liked frozen yoghurt- never turned out the way I imagined. This looks better. In one cookbook I found recipe for “best yoghurt ice cream” and it is made with egg whites (but calls for stand mixer, which I do not have, so never tried this one) . Kefír in Czech Republic is in the smallest shop – natural and with flavoring, it is stuff I buy almost daily. Nice ice cream is made with buttermilk…

    • Anders says:

      Dear Katerina,
      I’m a sucker for frozen yoghurt myself, but agree that it sometimes might be quite tricky to come up with the right proportions (did you try my favourite raspberry frozen yoghurt-recipe?). But the Kefir-recipe here is also very nice:-)

  2. Joanna says:

    OH! Perfect! That is just what I want – do you think it would be ok to substitute creme fraiche for the cream part? Fantastic!!!

    • Anders says:


      Certainly – particularly in recipes for frozen yoghurts (and Kefir belongs to that family), you should generally always be able to substitute creme fraiche (sour cream) for any cream-parts, as long as the fat contents are the same. Obviously, you won’t be able to whip sour cream the way you can whip cream which may be of differing importance. As you can see in this post, you might choose other ways of improving the consistency (Italian meringue, whipped egg whites, more (and/or) inverted sugar, more fat …) so there are usually things to try which may make up for even the lack of “whippability” in situations when that seems important 🙂 .

  3. Alina says:

    Anders, what about substituting the egg whites with gelatin (as stabilizer)? I don’t have anything against using raw eggs or italian meringue, but just hate the thought of using only part of the egg, since the other part generally ends up neglected for quite a while in the fridge. As for kefir, I make some daily with the real grains, and it would be great to sneak it into ice creams (I’m thinking it would also work in sherbet?)

    • Anders says:


      You could certainly try substituting the egg whites with gelatin (or pectin, or some other stabiliser of your choice): the result might differ a little, but that is usually the case since different stabilisers usually put their specific touches to the ice cream: Go ahead and try! And yes, I think you certainly could try to use some of your kefir in sherbets too.

      Ps. If you are worried about left-over egg yolks, why not make a nice, classic Italian (or French) ice cream on those?

  1. 09/01/2019

    […] I have been making smoothies with my kefir and I seldom do frozen kefir concoctions (ice cream equivalent). This recipe was inspired by Ice Cream Nation’s Cherry Orchard Frozen Kefir. […]

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