Cider & Apple sorbet

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  1. Ritchie says:

    Hi Anders,

    We found this recipe whilst experimenting with apple gelato. We have a cider apple orchard here in Brittany, France. Apple gelato is very tricky!

    We found that adding 25de glucose and inverted sugar did help, as did carob seed flour. For a first attempt it does come out slightly too sweet, as it went into the batch freezer we were at 38 Brix! Perhaps due to the increased amount of sweet cider.

    Nevertheless it tastes very very good. Thanks for the recipe!

    It would be interesting to match this with a simple creme gelato to get an almost ‘apple pie’ like taste.


    • Ritchie says:

      Ps. We added 285g of sweet cider and no water.

      • Anders says:

        Hi Ritchie,
        Happy to hear that you liked the recipe, and thanks for the info on your experiment – apples can indeed be quite tricky in frozen desserts :-). But while I know that we all seem to have different, personal views on when something is “sweet enough”, 38 Brix does sound awfully sweet. I would personally aim for a Brix-degree closer to 30, rather than 40 … so adding that extra water might actually be quite a good idea:)

        • Ritchie says:

          Evening Anders,

          Agreed, it was far too sweet!

          Today I picked some Guillevic cider apples from our orchard and have changed the recipe. The apples are 12 bx and the cider 9 Bx. Adding a little water and some lime juice brought the bx level down to 31.

          I will churn the mixture tomorrow morning and let you know.

          Thanks again


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