The Perfect Watermelon sorbet

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  1. Kelly Levy says:

    You are my mentor! I just got started making ice cream a few months ago and have been looking for the right “guide” and when I found your website it was magic! I’m in the infant stage but have a lot of very different recipes and believe your sight will help guide me to where i aspire to end up! Thank you so much for all the wonderful information and guidance you put forth.

    Very sincerely,
    Kelly Levy
    (California, USA)

    • Anders says:

      Dear Kelly,
      Thanks for your kind words and I’m sure you’ll progress through the infant stage in no time ;-D

  2. Marcus says:

    5 stars
    Anders once again you are a shining beacon of brilliance. This recipe creates the perfect essence of watermelon. The aqua faba addition both improves texture and intensifies flavour. Thank you for doing the hard work so we don’t have to.

  3. Erik Chittick says:

    I would agree that sorbet is the first frozen form I’d think of for watermelon, and I look forward to trying this recipe tomorrow (with the Aquafaba, which will also be new to me), but some part of me always wants to rebel against the sorbet idea and I’m wondering if you’ve ever tried to make an icecream with it? Maybe this anti-sorbet impulse was too easily rewarded when I made my first icecream out of an urge to make a cream-based cranberry dessert and lucked out with an improvised recipe that proved so popular that I’m tempted to take the challenge with watermelon. I see t is very different, though, and I see how the large amount of water might present challenges. I also can’t quite imagine how watermelon might taste with cream, so it’s possible that it’s a bad idea from the outset, but I’m wondering if it might work to use evaporated milk, or sweetened condensed milk? I can imagine it would lose much of that summery freshness, but how about thinking f it like a mint icecream, since mint is commonly paired with melon?

    I had a delicious cucumber sorbet recently, and maybe I will just surrender to the sorbet and try not to overthink it further, as is my tendency. And maybe this aquafaba stuff will dispel my notion of sorbet being just an adult ice-pop.

    • Anders says:

      Hi Erik,
      First of all, I hope you’ll find the recipe to your liking, and continue to give sorbets a chance 🙂

      For the reasons you’ve mentioned yourself – and mainly my fear that the rather subtle fruit flavour would be too much reduced for my liking – I have not tried to make watermelon ice cream. But do not let that stop you from testing! Pairing watermelon with mint sounds like a good idea.

      • Erik Chittick says:

        Thanks for your reply. I think you’re probably right and I’ll suppress that impulse, lol! Looking forward, actually, to learning to enjoy sorbet, and will continue to refer to your wonderful site for guidance. Maybe mint icecream with watermelon chip? Lol. No, that sounds awful. I’ll stop.

        Thanks again for creating this great resource. It’s been fun learning about ice cream and my family has appreciated this new hobby of mine.

      • Erik Chittick says:

        I made this finally and it’s a great recipe! Everyone loved it, I learned some new things, and appreciate sorbet more than I thought I would. I don’t think I did the Aquafaba properly, though, and the texture was not as good after a day in the freezer, becoming unscoopable until I let it thaw somewhat. The Aquafaba meringue was not quite firm enough to turn the bowl upside down, and certainly not over my head, and I wonder if I used the wrong product? I realized that there was an amount of salt and other stuff added to the cam, and even though it was low-sodium, I suppose the salt would affect the aeration? It was soft-peak at best. So there’s room for improvement, but even stranger was a second attempt when I thought I’d just whip it for a longer period, and it actually…. deflated? I didn’t know this was possible and I’m convinced that I did something wrong or contaminated the mixture somehow, but ultimately threw out that batch.

        Really appreciated your help and the site as a resource, and am already planning the next batch. As I have a habit of over complicating things (it’s a flaw I’ve decided to be okay with), I already have some watermelon purée in the fridge that I thought I’d combine with cucumber purée and a mint sprig as an experiment, so as soon as I figure out my Aquafaba situation, I’ll churn up a batch. Or I’ll learn how to do an Italian meringue, but that looks even trickier, so I’d rather not. Thanks again!

        • Anders says:

          Hi Erik,
          Thanks for your kind words and happy to hear about your successful sorbet!
          And best of luck with the future experiments (including the cucumber-watermelon-mint mix 🙂 )!

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