Cardamom Espresso gelato

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6 Responses

  1. Katerina says:

    Interesting. I tried adding egg whites into sorbet (thus creating spooms) but didn’t like it. It makes big volume but the fruit flavour is somehow masked. But it is very scoopable. This flavour is very intriguing, so I may give egg whites another chance 🙂

    • Anders says:

      Katerina, you should!

      Unlike spoom you don’t really notice the egg white as such here – only its stabilising effect, so to say. And the flavour is really nice 🙂

  2. racheli says:

    How could I make almond milk ice cream that would be nice and creamy without putting egg yolk because I have high cholestorol and I have problem with dairy. I can have egg white is their any way u can come up with something that might work that can make a nice texture

    • Anders says:

      Hi Racheli,

      Since this post is about a recipe that uses exactly an egg white as stabiliser and gives a “gelato”-like consistency, I take it that you would rather like something that could make for a more “creamy” experience. Unless you would like to go down the road towards more ‘commercial grade’ stabilisers like Xanthan gum (which does give a ‘creamy’ effect … in a rather uncanny way), I would suggest that you look into the ice creams made with starch (Sicilian gelato, Sicilian gelato with arrowroot …), where you then would replace the dairy for almond milk or the like. And/or you could try adding some soy creamer to your almond milk (if that would be hard to find, you could apparently even try to make your own, at least according to this post 🙂 )

      Best of luck!

  3. Chris says:

    I make pretty good gelato but I still get tiny crystals. Will the egg white help make the gelato have fewer crystals?

    • Anders says:

      Hi Chris,
      When ice crystals grow unpleasantly large and noticeable, the number one reason is usually a too long churning/freezing process: the longer it takes for the ice cream to firm up, the bigger the ice crystals will grow. And vice versa: the shorter time it takes to churn your gelato, the smaller the crystals. For that reason, I would suggest that you begin by pondering whether it would be possible to shorten the churning time (for instance, by making sure that the base to be churned is thoroughly chilled before you begin).

      Egg whites will mainly help with the consistency and smoothness, notably by keeping air trapped longer within your frozen creation. This might, though, have an indirect effect on the crystallisation, particularly if your gelato is low on solids, so it might be worth a try 🙂

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