Chile Chocolate ice cream

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  1. Carla says:

    I have never used gelatin sheets. I see they come in different “blooms”. What bloom are the two sheets used for this recipe?

    Would it be disastrous to use gelatin powder instead?

    • Anders says:

      Hi Carla,

      First, and just to get that out of the way for the benefit of others who might read this, “blooming” refers to the process of softening the gelatin (like, soaking it in water) before using it.

      Your own question, however, refers to so-called Bloom strength: a grading developed by a certain Oscar Bloom (hence the name) of the firmness of gelatin, where a higher number indicates a stiffer, stronger and quicker to gel (and typically also more expensive) product. For smaller quantities, like for a batch of ice cream, Bloom strength should not matter that much. Personally, I tend to go with what I find in the store (which happens to be the gold grade, i e 200 Bloom) but lower grades like “silver” (160 Bloom) should also work nicely.

      You can certainly use gelatin powder instead of sheets – just make sure the granules dissolve completely. As for the substituion ratios, there are various views: 1 tablespoon of powdered gelatin to 3 sheets is one rule of thumb, although you might want to add yet another half a sheet or so to that equation. Best of luck!

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