Strawberry ice cream

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  1. Barry Ward says:

    I made this strawberry icecream some little time ago – and it was VERY good with a very strong strawberry flavour. However yesterday, I made it again — but was tempted by a recipe elsewhere to “cook” the strawberries rather than simply macerate them. This worked well and produced basically strawberry jam — BUT this proved to be disappointing in the ice cream . It tasted of strawberry but was not a strong taste as was the macerated berries recipe.

    • Anders says:

      Hi Barry,

      Yes, using jam instead of fruit (or, for that matter, boiling fruits into purées) often create quite a different flavour (less natural and more “cooked”, which – of course – is perfectly logical). Using jams in ice cream can still be quite nice, but for strawberries I also prefer the untreated, macerated berries.

  2. elmer nas says:

    can both eggs and corn starch be used in this recipe? and does the eggs needed to be heated?

    • Anders says:

      Hi Elmer,

      You could certainly use both eggs and corn starch, and I strongly encourage you (and other readers) to play around and see how that turns ut!
      As noted in the post, just be aware that adding eggs and/or starch will change the type of ice cream you would be making. As this strawberry recipe is a typical American (or Philadelphia-) style ice cream, adding eggs and other stabilisers will bring it further towards custard-type and/or starch based ice creams (check the links in the post if you want to read up on those). However, Ben & Jerry recipes for home-use often use an added egg and many would argue that even a single egg can add to the overall tasting experience.

      Whether you would need to heat the eggs while preparing the ice cream base depends on your food safety-situation. Raw, unpasteurized eggs can be quite dangerous, especially for more vulnerable persons (like the pregnant, young children, the elderly) so if in doubt, it is clearly best to perform a “pasteurizing” cooking session: you can check out any of the recipes using custard bases for advise on how to do it, and what temperatures to go for. Best of luck!

  3. Sanjeet says:

    I like your articles and recipes.I am from India and its very difficult to fine fresh strawberries here. Can I use frozen berries and fruits in gels instead. This recipe does not contain emulsifiers or stabilazers,so would like to know how is the texture or mouthfeel of the icecreams.

    • Anders says:

      Hi Sanjeet,
      Glad to hear you like it here on the site:-) You can certainly use frozen fruit instead of fresh ones! Mouthfeel and texture is fine: the cream (or rather, the fat it contains) takes care of that in American-style (Philadelphia-style) ice creams.

      Should you like to improve on the texture further, you could add egg(s) or starch to the recipe.

  4. Alex says:

    Thank you! This simple recipe made the tastiest strawberry ice cream ever!

  5. Vicki says:

    Do you have a recipe for lemon gelato using cornstarch, whole milk and NO eggs or cream?

    • Anders says:

      You can make one yourself by using the Sicilian gelato-base recipe (or its “cousin”-recipe, which uses arrowroot instead of cornstarch). Since lemon juice won’t add any solids (the stuff that helps to build a nice consistency to an ice cream) I would strongly suggest that you also add (quite a lot of) lemon zest for flavouring. Your “milk-only” ice cream will contain enough water already, even if the starch should be able to balance things out.
      Best of luck!

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