Loki and Idun by John Bauer

Loki and Idun by John Bauer

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  1. Klaus Sebok says:

    I’m a beginner in making ice cream but I love it a lot. I meant various types of ice cream and sorbet‘s and my Cuisinart ice cream bucket.
    I have very little control about the freezing temperature and I wondered if I could buy a better ice cream machine for home use.
    Your recommendation would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you, KS

    • Anders says:

      Hello Klaus,

      There are many good, different ice cream machines out there. My standing recommendation is to get a self-refrigerated compressor-machine!
      There are many brands so take a look around (you will find some of the more famous brands mentioned in the link), read the reviews, check the prices and you should hopefully be able to find a good and suitable machine.

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