Oreo cookie ice cream
The classic Oreo cookie combined with an easy-to-make American style ice cream base, demanding a minimum of preparations
  • 400 ml (about 1.7 cups) cream
  • 200 ml (about ⅘ cup) whole milk
  • 125 ml (about ½ cup) sugar
  • About 200-250 ml (about 125 gram) Oreo cookies (roughly cut into pieces)
  • ½ teaspoon genuine vanilla powder
  1. Mix the cream with the milk and whisk in the sugar and the vanilla.
  2. Freeze in your ice cream maker until almost ready, then add the (preferably pre-refrigerated) pieces of Oreo cookies and continue to churn until finished.
  3. Serve at once, enjoying the freshness, or store in the freezer until later.
If still-freezing the ice cream (using only your freezer and no dedicated ice cream machine) make sure that the ice cream has stabilised until almost-ready before mixing in the pieces of the Oreo cookies.

For easy instructions on how to best still-freeze ice cream without an ice cream machine, go to this post: http://www.icecreamnation.org/freezer-only-make/
Recipe by ICE CREAM NATION at https://www.icecreamnation.org/2015/11/oreo-cookie-ice-cream/