Aquafaba – fast and vegan alternative to Italian meringue!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Have you tried using coconut cream and coconut milk as well? These are widely used in Philippine ice creams because of the cheap and accessible ingredients.

    • Anders says:

      Yes, I have used coconut at times (check out the Piña colada sherbet). As you write, it is clearly a good, possible ice cream ingredient (the drawback, of course, being that it is difficult to avoid the added coconut flavour which may go more or less well with the other flavour(s) in the ice cream.

  2. laura Di Sarli says:

    I love your recipes, I am planning to make all of them, However now I want to utilize all the fruit trees in my house, can I make any citric sorbet (orange lemon or tangerine) with aguafaba or italian meringue. I made an orange sorbet at end up like a frozen juice. How about if I use corn syrup?
    Thank you ,

    • Anders says:

      Hi Laura!
      Happy to hear that you love the recipes :-)!
      You could certainly use either aquafaba or Italian meringue to improve your citric sorbets (as well as other sorbets). By the way, have you read my post “How to improve sorbets”? I don’t know how you made your icy orange sorbet but it sounds to me like you may have used too little sugar: adding some corn- or glucose syrup will indeed likely improve the situation and could reduce the iciness even if your sugar-ratio already is roughly OK. If you do all measurements right, however, and decide to go down the aquafaba/Italian meringue road there should be little need for any further additions.
      Best of luck with your sorbets!

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