Almond ice cream

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4 Responses

  1. Lena says:

    Hej Anders!
    Förra veckan bjöd jag på nyponkräm och nyponsoppa gjord på torkade nypon, toppat med mandelglassen enligt ditt recept (tog bara 100 gr socker) och ett mandelflarn. Perfekt kombination och mandelglassen var mycket uppskattad.

    [Last week, I served rose hip cream and rose hip soup and topped them with the almond ice cream of yours (I only used 100 gr sugar) and an almond flake. Perfect combination and the almond ice cream was much appreciated.]

    / Lena

    • Anders says:

      Hej Lena! Jättekul – har aldrig funderat på att kombinera mandel med nypon, men det låter spännande och jag tvivlar ju inte ett ögonblick på ditt glass-smak-omdöme 🙂

      [Great – I’ve never thought about combining almonds with rose hips, but it sounds exciting and I would never doubt your judgment when it comes to ice cream flavours 🙂 ]

  2. William Carter says:

    When I went to Firenze, I brought back some bitter almonds and have been using them in recipes that call for almonds. I only use a few in addition to the almonds or almond paste called for and I have to say that they make such a difference! There is a slight bitter edge but there is also a nice rounded nutty flavor. I think that they add umami to the flavor profile and I must say everyone who tastes my almond desserts is blown away and comments how good it is. No one has died either! If you can get them, you should try them. They make a big difference.

    • Anders says:

      William, thanks for your message!

      I am sure that the bitter almonds can put a nice twist! While coming from a country where the sale of bitter almonds neither is restricted nor forbidden, however, I think it is important to stress something which you already hinted at: bitter almonds are, unfortunately, toxic. This should, as you also have indicated, likely not be a problem for most people, if the bitter almond is used (very) sparingly and more like a spice (Nutmeg and Tonka beans are, after all, also toxic). Just be aware!

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