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Healthy Banana (quasi-) ice cream

21/07/2011 at 22:13

Admittedly, it can be argued that this recipe is not for “ice cream”, but for a frozen dessert only resembling it. Be that as it may, do try it if you ever feel the need for something truly healthy, or fear an expanding waistline. Clearly, just like most “normal” ice cream, even this banana-based “ice cream” can be modified and re-shaped to one’s heart’s content:-) Healthy […]

Making Ice Cream the Italian or the French Way

21/07/2011 at 18:48

  Italy and France stand out as two countries with particularly long and impressive traditions when it comes to ice cream.  As can be expected, there is also quite a lot of diversity not only between these countries, but also within the countries themselves, with regard to how ice cream is made. For a general orientation, we will forego a lot of this rich diversity […]

American Style Ice Cream Base

21/07/2011 at 18:48

The American style of ice cream making (also called “the Philadelphia method”, after this historically particularly dairy-rich city) is generally characterised by two things: The ice cream base can be made “directly from the fridge”, by combining already cold ingredients (no need to heat the base) Eggs are not, or rarely, used.  Basic ingredients therefore tend to be […]

Ice cream and health

21/07/2011 at 18:48

Let’s be honest – talking about “healthy” and “ice cream” at the same time might be something of a contradiction in terms. “Health” and “ice cream” simply do not go as well together as, say, “health and fruit” or “health and groceries”. Generally,  ice cream would rather seem to be the nemesis of any serious ambitions to care for bodily health.  Why? Ice cream is typically […]

How to make Sorbets

21/07/2011 at 18:48

Sorbets are typically made of simple syrup (water and sugar) and suitable flavouring. As with other ice creams, air also needs to be incorporated in the base mixture to avoid rock-solid end results. Sorbets normally do not contain any dairy products, and without the fat these contain, the challenge is usually to keep down the size of the ice crystals. As with ordinary ice cream, […]

On ice cream machines

21/07/2011 at 18:48

Since the earliest crude creations operating with salt and ice to produce the freezing effect, ice cream machines have developed quite a lot. But what do these machines actually do? Can you just put all ingredients together quickly and let the machine fix the rest? Contrary to what one perhaps could expect, an ordinary ice cream machine actually only has two purposes – to […]

Quick fixes for almost home-made ice cream

21/07/2011 at 18:48

Sometimes, you simply do not have the time, the energy or the necessary ingredients to make “proper” ice cream. If so, please consider some “quick fixes” that will allow you to “make”  ice cream anyway. * Use commercial ice cream as ready-made base; add your own flavouring/mix-ins Buy the best premium ice cream available (vanilla usually being the preferred, most […]