Magical Mango Cinnamon ice cream

31/07/2017 at 12:52

A gooey, sumptuous mango ice cream with an exotic touch of cinnamon – could this be a contender for “most delicious ice cream of the year”? The short answer is – “Yes”!  And luckily, this frozen gem is also super-easy to make: if you can open a tin can, and mix cold milk with fruit purée, you’re practically there. Rejoice and read on!  A rare but delightful flavour While […]

Rhubarb yoghurt ice cream – the eternal summer favourite

18/06/2015 at 23:55

Summer and – in Sweden – Midsummer! Just in time for the summer vacations, it is high time to get hold of some deliciously tart rhubarb stalks and prepare one of my definitive all-time summer favourites! This recipe remains one of my absolute favourites, and by now I have totally lost track of how many times I have made this truly fantastic ice cream! Rhubarb is usually […]

Saffron frozen yoghurt (Scandinavian Xmas special)

12/12/2013 at 17:27
Lucia by artist Helge Artelius-

 Saffron, the world’s most exclusive spice, enjoys great popularity in Sweden, particularly around Christmas time. But Christmas times are often quite stressful, and consuming a lot of heavy traditional food can also take its toll. So, in order to keep fit and sound, try swapping some of those delicious saffron buns for a slimmer treat – Saffron frozen yoghurt! I really […]

Pistachio almond gelato

28/11/2013 at 14:57

Pistachio is supposed to have been one of the nice, edible things growing in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. These Gardens were one of the ancient “Wonders of the World”, so perhaps there is no wonder that pistachio remains one of the most classic of gelato-flavours. In this post, these quasi-nuts will team up with another quasi-nut also known to mankind since time immemorial […]

Gingerbread ice cream (a Christmas favourite)

04/12/2012 at 09:54

  Christmas is approaching! And perhaps you are under a lot of pressure to handle all the things that demand your attention at this time of the year?  Still, don’t end up giving up on all the simple pleasures of life – grab some gingerbread cookies, set aside 30 minutes and re-vitalize yourself and your loved ones with some gingerbread ice cream! Faithful readers may […]

Carrot Cake ice cream

19/11/2012 at 09:58

Or should we perhaps say “Carrot ice cream”? You see, no actual “cake” is required for making this rather original ice cream – only some fresh carrots and the right spices! The final, inviting ice cream flavour is, however, unmistakably carrot cake! And if you like carrot cake, did you know that you are part of a tradition that actually goes back at least to Medieval times? […]

Piel de Sapo Melon sorbet

25/09/2012 at 09:38

Tempted to try some Toad-skin melon? You should be – because this is probably the best melon sorbet that I have ever had! Melons belong to the same plant family as cucumbers (Cucurbitaceae). And while this recipe will work with any melon,  I chose a Piel de Sapo – which made for a phenomenally nice sorbet! We have many names for the things we love, and the Piel de […]