Fire in the Hole! – Spicy orange gelato

30/12/2013 at 00:05

Just in time for the New Year celebrations, Ice Cream Nation turns to mining, and finds a nugget of real frozen gold – a delicate, elegant gelato dessert, able to hold its own in any fancy dinner setting.  And there is also something special for the hard core-fans of ice cream making: a new gelato base recipe, where butter (!) largely replaces cream! And believe me – the […]

Gingerbread ice cream – Traditional Christmas style

16/12/2013 at 09:41

Christmas gingerbread – few cookies have such a strong link to Christmas, at least in Scandinavia! And no wonder, since eating gingerbread cookies even is supposed to make you kind!  But if this kindness is linked to the sheer happiness and satisfaction brought about by savouring the cookies, friends of ice cream should look no further – this Gingerbread ice cream actually […]

Saffron frozen yoghurt (Scandinavian Xmas special)

12/12/2013 at 17:27
Lucia by artist Helge Artelius-

 Saffron, the world’s most exclusive spice, enjoys great popularity in Sweden, particularly around Christmas time. But Christmas times are often quite stressful, and consuming a lot of heavy traditional food can also take its toll. So, in order to keep fit and sound, try swapping some of those delicious saffron buns for a slimmer treat – Saffron frozen yoghurt! I really […]