The Tears of Chios – Mastic ice cream adventures

25/09/2011 at 00:47
The Tears of Chios

  Ever thought about pine tree as a suitable ice cream-flavour? Ever wondered about what would happen if you combined saffron with pine and tried to eat it? If so, read on! Mastic is an aromatic, amber-like resin, and dries into hardened, brittle drops. And the taste? To me, it mainly resembles that of Pine tree. Yes, really! Mastic is a common ingredient in several […]

Garlic ice cream – cure for all evil?

18/09/2011 at 20:36

Having a cold? A sore throat? Afraid of vampires? Here comes the remedy – Garlic honey ice cream! Garlic ice cream is controversial – some hate it, others love it. Is it a only a fad? Something to eat just for the novelty, or to show that you dare? Clearly, the flavour is not for everyone: if you really dislike the taste of garlic, feel free to pass on this one. On […]

Plum ice cream and Tao

11/09/2011 at 01:24

  Did you know that Lao Tse, ancient alleged founder of Taoism, is said to have been born under a Plum tree? Given the many positive values associated with plums in Ancient China, it was probably no coincidence that Lao Tse decided to enter this world under such an auspicious tree. Legend further tells us that he was born already a grown, wise man with beard (not so strange […]